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HONEY- "just label it"

If honey doesn't have pollen in it, it should be labeled as such; how do you know if it's imported or if it really is clover honey without the pollen?
Truth in Labeling.

 The US Senate Bill S-662 is to determine a definition for honey nationwide.

--When looking over the shelves at the supermarket, it’s not often that we question whether or not what’s on the label is what’s really in the jar. In the case of honey, is the honey truly from clover, orange blossom or buckwheat, and, is it even 100% honey??? Beekeeper Pat Bono is working to change the way honey is labelled in the United States.

-Phony honey a sweet deal for counterfeiters, bad for consumers

  Science Daily:

February 26, 2014

Texas A&M University

Consumers buying honey might not be getting what they pay for according to one of the world’s leading honey experts, who is supporting a U.S. Senate bill that would, if passed, put more stringent requirements on the federal government to ensure the origin of imported honey and compel sellers to label it accurately. read more


Write or email your State Legislators to
SUPPORT Bill numbers
A5164-2011 & S3321-2011

 The New York Standard of Identity for Honey :

 STATE SENATOR- http://www.nysenate.gov/

 ASSEMBLYMAN- http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/


-Questions & Answers about the Definition (link)

YNN News Report:Beekeepers Lobby For Movement on Honey Bill


New York State needs a

 Standard of Identity for Honey

to combat Adulterated import honey

New York honey producers are facing destruction without definitive standards of identity for honey to preserve the wholesomeness of honey in the eyes of the consumer and to provide possible civil recourse when the honey is found to be adulterated.

  Having a pure product is much better than having a product that is of poor quality, potentially tainted and at the worst causing sickness.

 Adulteration hurts the reputation of honey as a high quality wholesome and natural food, imperils the viability of beekeepers and packers through unfair competition, and threatens the health and confidence of consumers. Protection of New York beekeepers and honey producers from unfair mixing, blending and sale of cheap inferior products gives the industry the strength and professionalism to elevate the product and the producers in offering the

 Pride of New York.

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